Mousery Database

Built by Mouse Breeders for Mouse Breeders

The Mousery Database is the fastest and easiest tool for mouse breeders on the web. All you do is enter the details and pictures of your mice into the system. Then, the magic happens:

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  • Relationships are key: When you choose a mouse's mother and father, relationships are built. In this way, you don't have to fill out a pedigree for every mouse. The system tracks all the relationships of your mice, and builds pedigrees for you.
  • Built for adoptions: Adopting out mice? You can give your new mouse owners an adoption code. They can then use that code to create their own database, or import the mouse into their existing database. Not only does the adopted mouse's information and pictures get copied over, but also the information and pictures for all the mice on the standard pedigree. No typing anything by hand!
  • Powerful searching: The new advanced search lets you search your database by everything from Mouse Name to Coat and Markings. You can even find mice who are or are not related to another mouse, which is great for preventing accidental inbreedings.
  • Share your database: Turn on the public view of your database, and let others take a peek into your mousery. You can even use links directly to a specific mouse on your own webpage or for emailing to others. Play around with our demo public database.
  • Remember important events: You can have your database email you when a doe is getting ready to retire from breeding age, or when it's time to seperate your litter.
Now, with a Plus account, there are even more powerful tools and features waiting for you:
  • Unlimited pictues: Like taking a lot of pictures of your mice & litters? Now you can put as many as you want in your database.
  • Amazing Genetic tools: Plan your breedings even more accurately with our new Genetic Calculator. Choose which two mice you want to breed, and the calculator will show you all the statistical possibilities.
  • Advanced Pedigrees: With the Interactive Pedigree, you can now pick the number of generations you want to see along with the style and layout you want them in. Also, you can go beyond the standard printable pedigree with picture peidgrees.
  • Customize your database: You can now change the color of your database to whatever you like. Also, you can change the title on printable pedigrees, and customize your public URL.
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